L  a    G  i  o  c  o  n  d  a

I t a l i a n       R e s t a u r a n t


La Gioconda, the widely used name in Italy for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa, evokes the idea of utmost classic beauty . The legendary smile of the Monalisa has, also, forever spelled on the onlookers an aura of mysteriousness.

We thought it would be a name , La Gioconda, that would best define our commitment to bring to the table a cuisine of classic Italian recipes. And, at the same time, as we  bring to our customers newer and more modern versions of the ever-evolving Italian culinary panorama, we like, perhaps , perhaps, to think of our restaurant as a “Temple of Renaissance Cuisine”.

Indeed from Pastas to Dessert you will experience at La Gioconda the same feeling of merriment that the Monalisa exudes through her beautiful smile.

A tavola. 


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La Gioconda Restaurant